Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you living an urgent lifestyle?

More and more of us are finding ourselves caught up living, or should I say, watching our lives pass by in an URGENT Lifestyle. 

Are you finding the following statements common words flowing from your mouth?
-         “I am burning the candle at both ends.”
-         “Good thing I am a good multi-tasker.”
-         “I just don’t have the time.”
-         “I wish I could add two more hours to every day.”
-         “I feel like I never get anything done.”
-         “At the end of the day, I have more things listed on my “to do” list than I did at the  beginning  of the day.”
-         “As good a multi-tasker as I am, I am not making any progress.”
-         “Life is out of control.”
If these are common statements for you, then it is very possible that you are, in fact, living an URGENT Lifestyle.  An URGENT lifestyle occurs when you feel everything you are doing has to be done immediately, or should have been done yesterday.  You may feel that you are constantly facing URGENT challenges or situations that take your attention and zap your energy. Today’s fast paced and complex society requires us to not only perform our jobs at the highest levels, but also to manage and balance our personal lives, continue our learning, adapt to constant technological change, stay abreast of local and world events, communicate effectively and more…  And- all of this has to be done right away.  As a result, it is a common feeling that we are running on a treadmill that never stops and never takes us to a new location.
Would you like to get out of this “URGENT” rat race? If so, keep reading.
The following steps can help you:
  1. Acknowledge you are caught up in an URGENT Lifestyle
  2. Take 3 deep breaths, relax and agree that you are ready to make a few changes.
  3. First you must reassess/validate your long term vision and goals – write them down!
  4. Get back on track with a specific plan – write down your priorities
  5. Be sure the plan is directly aligned to your longer term vision and goals
  6. Work your plan – be sure you have the resources, systems, team to help you
  7. Stay focused on doing those things that contribute to goal achievement
  8. Do not let yourself get off track
  9. Ask for support from friends, family, colleagues, a coach
10. Routinely evaluate your progress, adjust and continue execute your plan
11. Do NOT allow yourself to get distracted – Keep your focus
12. If you must feel a sense a urgency, direct that urgency to the execution of your plan, not to all the “other stuff”!!!

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